Robert (Sandy) Alexander

Sandy has been a member of the Kingsville Church of Christ all his life. He served as one of the shepherds in 2003, and returned to that work in April, 2012. Sandy is heavily involved in planning worship services and Bible class teaching. Sandy and his wife, Jeanie, have two adult children, Bradley and Amy,…

Darrell Vaughter

Darrell worshiped with the Kingsville Church, moved away and then, moved back to Kingsville in 2008. He began serving as a shepherd in April, 2012. Darrell and his wife, Epsie, have a daughter, Lorri. Darrell helps arrange our public assemblies and works in finance, also.

Tom Smith

Tom has been a member at Kingsville since 1971, and has served as an elder since April, 2012. He and his wife, Angela, have three children, Will, Ashleigh, and Bethany.

John Smith

John has been with the Kingsville Church since 1971, and has been a deacon since 1975. John looks after disabled members and helps prepare the building for our assemblies. John is the father of one of our elders, Tom Smith. Also, he has two daughters, Susie Spargo and Tina Thomas.

Tim Fulbright

Tim and his wife, Venie have been at the Kingsville Church for 33 years, and he has served as an elder for 17 of those years. Tim works with the finances of the church in addition to his work as a shepherd.