Opportunities for Community

We try to be a group of people who walk together in different aspects of our lives. Because of that you can often find our members spending time with each other outside of just our scheduled activities.

Sunday Morning Bible Study — 9:30 AM
At 9:30am for about an hour we spend time together trying to deepen our understanding of the Bible, which we believe is God’s Word. We have age based classes, as well as a class for just women. During this time our teachers share lessons that are meant to strengthen and develop us as followers of Christ.

Sunday Morning Worship — 10:30 AM
This is the primary gathering of our church family. On Sunday mornings at 10:30am we meet to share together in a time of worship. During this time, which is usually about an hour long, we spend time singing, praying, taking communion, and normally there is a lesson or a message that is intended to help us bring our lives more in line with the life of Christ.

Midweek Fellowship — 6PM
On Wednesday nights at 6pm several of us meet again. We have a class for our children and a few classes for adults. Each group has a different focus in their studies.


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